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volcom_girl01's Journal

25 December
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Sup yall! This is Lauren. Im totally into Rock music, especially Black Sabbath and Fall out noy, and so much more! I like listening to music and looking at hot guys. I love the colors green and black, which can be told by what I wear. I have uncontrolable curly brown hair. I love Inuyasha and Im starting to watch Full Metal Alchemist, but Im not sure about it. I actually have a journal where I right down new plots, characters, and just plain stories about Inuyasha. Im kinda short, but I dont realy care. Im on the school softball team, too. And this is sorta geeky, but I moved Up a grade 2 weeks ago. Cuz Im good like that. I love red hots and saying, I m sofa king Hi ped all day after eating them. But my all time favorite food, is cookies. They rock! And if you didnt notice, I love talking! I have two awesome friends, and a couple of other friends. Anyway, Im awesome and Insane. Seeya!